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Why Join The Powerfully Fit Movement?

So you can not only be immersed in a community of badass, like-minded female personal trainers and coaches, but to help insure your audience gets the BEST possible information out there. The best part? You only need to focus on creating great content (we teach you how to get great at that too)
Oh, and our payouts are the largest of any fitness company we’ve seen yet. (It’s not about the money for us, you can have it.)

  • The first 4 weeks you are assigned to a pod group where we give you a crash course on social media growth, content strategies and marketing, tips and tricks to help you sell without feeling sleazy, and live weekly biz coaching.
  • Get invited to exclusive photoshoots when we are in town (for free). Our partner company works with large influencers, so you can join us when we shoot with them.
  • Weekly education/LIVE coaching to help you grow your platforms and sell more programs
  • Join an exclusive PF Squad facebook group where you will be able to interact with influencers, like minded women, and learn from the best of the best when it comes to fitness and social media
  • Most importantly, you join a rapidly growing movement to uplift, and educate women by giving them the proper tools and education to succeed

Passive Income

Hello passive income. Our mission is to get as much education, and science-backed, result-driven programming into as many women’s hands as possible. That’s why we HEAVILY incentivize sales, we give you 60% of profit… no other affiliate program on the market does that.
But, it’s because we are here for the
right reasons… we know you are too.

Result Driven Programs

We pump out PROVEN to work programs every 8-12 weeks so your clients will always have programming they are excited to buy – they know they are going to get results. Trust us- we’ve been dominating the women’s health space for over 10 years.

Stop Stressing!

We know how overwhelming it can be to constantly build out new content, educational blogs, emails, AND successful programs. We understand the uncertainty too, “Will my people like this?”. Sis! Sit back, focus on creating stellar content, we will handle the rest.

Join our exclusive community of powerful trainers changing the industry.

Fill out this  and we will get back to you shortly! We will assign you to a cohort, and your Mini-Social Media Growth/Business Crash Course starts Monday! 

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