Our Story

Powerfully Fit was founded by Sam Davis, a long time fitness industry veteran. She set out 10+ years ago to fulfill her purpose: to help women discover the most powerful version of themselves through controlling what we can: our health and fitness.

After starting her online coaching business back in 2017, she expanded quickly knowing her goal of changing a million lives was going to take quite some time *eek!*

Now, Powerfully Fit is the leading online platform for women searching for truth in an environment full of surgically augmented bodies, editing, and false information.

We are lucky to have badass, certified female coaches educating and building science based programs for our clients, like you!

Powerfully Fit Training is proud to be the difference, and proud AF to be home to thousands of women who are just fed up with the marketing gimmicks, fad diets, and lies.

Thank you for being an integral part of our mission- We can’t wait to watch you find the most powerful version of yourself.

Sam Davis and other athletes posing for a picture

2011 1st Online Client Signed

2013 First Expert Women's Health Coach Hired

2019 5 Expert Coaches, 4000+ Women Coached (98% Success Rate)

2012 150 Women Coached, ALL successful

2016 1000+ Women Coached

2022 Working Towards Serving 1 Million Women!

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Lives impacted through fitness.


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Owned, designed, and created by women, for women.

Powerfully Fit


We make sure our information and programs are designed with proven, and backed, by scientific evidence.


We’ve been creating programs for specifically for women for over 10 years. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

The Opportunity With Powerfully Fit Extends Into Custom Platforms...

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Laura Kruk

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Laura's Why

“My favorite component is the community aspect I’ve built around women’s health and fitness. I love the community of strong, caring women my platform has brought together and I don’t plan on stopping the growth of it any time soon. 

Giving women the tools to love the body they’re in, providing a safe space to celebrate wins, and sharing those wins amongst a group of strong, supportive women is my unshakeable purpose.”

Sam Davis Arizona

Sam Davis

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Current Revenue

Sam's Why

“When I first started my fitness journey, I was inspired by a huge influencer that turned out to be a phony. She (poorly) edited her photos and gave out false, very dangerous, information and programs to her followers.

I was infuriated by this discovery and immediately committed my life to creating a platform that was safe for women of all shapes and sizes. Finding your power by controlling the things you can control changes your life – it creates a very powerful woman and it’s my life’s purpose to help over a million women find that power and live an overall healthier life.”

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