5 Mistakes To Avoid For That Round Booty You Desire

Most people will assume that all they need for a round butt is a regular dose of squats and lunges. While they can play a role, they are not the only path to success. You will have to avoid making silly mistakes that get in the way of your muscle-building journey. If you are not taking the time to avoid these mistakes, you will end up seeing mediocre results.

The best place to start will be to learn how to work out your glutes the right way. You will want to also focus on your diet. This is going to include understanding how to build a proper mind-muscle connection to learn how the glutes work and work your muscles to fatigue. Once you do this, you are going to begin to appreciate the finer details, including getting enough rest during the night. The mistakes listed in this article get in the way of your ability to build the muscles properly.


        1. Never Even Heard Of Barbell Hip Thrusts

If the goal is to build a round booty, you will want to incorporate barbell hip thrusts. This is an exercise that is well-rounded and is going to target the glutes hard. You will also want to think about doing squats to target the glutes. Barbell hip thrusts are a winner and will hit the parts of the glutes that simple squats are not going to hit as well.

It is also important to start with the basics, which means that you are going to do exercises without weights or anything in your hands or on your body. You will want to do nothing more than use your body weight to get the form right. After you have done this, you are going to see better results. This is why the best place to start is by working on your posture and checking how your back is set up during the movement. This goes for all movements in the workout program, such as side-lying hip abductions, clamshells, and kickbacks.


        2. Not Focusing On Your Diet

Most people will attempt to work out as much as possible without ever focusing on their diet. This leads to a situation where you end up running in circles without ever seeing great results. You have to regulate how many calories are going into your body to ensure that the results are on par with what you require. This is the only way to keep going when working out while also feeling good about your health. You can’t add processed foods to your diet and hope to see results; it won’t work out.

In most cases, a woman will need to eat one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. An excellent example of this would be a 130-pound woman needing 60 grams of protein per day. You should get it from healthy sources, such as eggs, beef, chicken, fish, and yogurt. You will also want to make sure that these meals are consumed within an hour of finishing a workout for maximum results.


        3. You’re Missing The Mind-Butt Connection

Most people starting with glute workouts won’t know how to target the muscles. You have to activate the glutes to see value in your time. In most situations, you are going to use your quads rather than your glutes. Since you don’t use your glutes as much, they are dormant throughout the day.

An excellent way to build this connection is to learn to squeeze your butt cheek while standing; just try “flexing” it as hard as possible. This will be a great way to see how your mind-muscle connection is. You will want to do the same when it comes to doing anything during the day. This will help teach you to spot when the glutes are working and when they are not. You will want to engage the muscles as much as possible for good results.


        4. Not Working Your Muscles To Fatigue

It is also recommended to start with heavier weights when working out the glutes. These are vital parts of the body, and these will require heavier weights to see results. Using light weights can work, but you will be working out at the gym all day!

You will want to see how much weight is needed to complete sets of 20 reps. This will be an effective starting point, as you are not going to be taxing the joints while still building a round butt. It is best to go through this type of workout by completing at least four to five sets for maximum value.


        5. Overexercising With Not Enough Sleep

Women that tend to work out all the time believe that doing more is a must. This is untrue, as you are only going to harm yourself by taxing the body to the point of failure. It is important to have a targeted plan in place that will let you hit the glutes without burning out or not wanting to work out for another week. It has to be sustainable to see results. This is why you need to go in with a plan.

It is also essential to get in enough rest during the 24-hour cycle. This will ensure that your metabolic rate continues to get better with time. Rest is just as vital as working out because your body needs to recuperate.


If you are still not seeing a good butt, this means that you have to start toning down. The best way to do this is to cut fat from the area. This will require a healthy diet and the ability to put in the cardio needed to get rid of that excess fat.

In general, the best place to start will be to incorporate barbell hip thrusts and clean up your diet. This is an effective way to build a strong foundation for your glutes. You will want to work on the mind-muscle connection and work your muscles to fatigue while also understanding the value of rest during the night. This will let you build a round butt that is the envy of everyone around you. If you take the time to avoid the mistakes listed here, you will be good to go for a long time to come.

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